One Simple Tip To Make Customers Fall In Love With You And Your Brand

In this post I’m going to show you how you can not only make your customers fall in love with your brand but also turn them into an army of salespeople that drive sales for you. 

How to satisfy the customer? There are tons of books on the subject out other yet many business owners, sales people and other customer facing staff struggle with customer satisfaction.

Just as you think you are getting things right with the buyer, he or she throws you a curve ball and you’re clueless how to respond.

So the question of the day is, how to keep your customer happy?

To answer this, let me share with you the levels of customer happiness. Most brands and business today are in one of three thinking modes

 Level 1: Customer Satisfaction

 Satisfy the Customer 

This is the work hard zone. Most sales and marketing folks are stuck right here in this place. At this level, they are busting their chops, trying to satisfy the ever demanding customer by giving what they need

Level 2: Customer Delight

 Next we have level 2

Which is Delight the customer

This is the work smart zone. This is where most brands and business strive to be. Going beyond delivering what the customer needs. They instead start listening to the customer and work smarter to give them what they want.   

Level 3: Customer Ownership

 Then you have Level 3 which is where you own the customer

This is going beyond the work hard and work smart mentality. Here you have a very special category of brand icons and mega successful businesses that go beyond listening to customers and actually start thinking for them.

 But these brands go one step further, because able open the customers eyes to a new magical world. Creating new relationships thorough storytelling in a magical world filled with amazing stuff people never knew they needed or wanted!

In a previous video, I covered how Apple owns me.  Apple, Nike and Linux own me. Apple helps me see myself as a rebel. Nike helps me connect with the athlete in me in ways that its competitors cannot do

 And Linux, makes me feel like the geek that I’m not.These are successful brands have leveraged stories, neuroscience and behaviuoral psychology to connect with a very primitive part of our brains without us even realizing it.

If you want to connect better with your customers through the power of storyteling, click on the link below and learn about StoryHacking. It’s absolutely the fastest way to sell more and grow more in todays hyper competitive world.


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