This is not going to be a “one-size-fits-all” approach like every other course out there teaching how to create videos, instead we’re going to leverage on my #1 secret (that took me years to figure out). Are you up for the challenge What’s your story? It’s your customer’s most important question. It defines you as a brand.


Ever wondered how you can monetize what you know, share your message and change the world? Discover the proven formula used in sales, pitches, sales letters, webinars and offline events that has generated millions of dollars in Sales… without being salesy, pushy or manipulative.

StoryHero / StoryHacking ​

Story sells. And the sales people who leverage the power of storytelling will sell more than people who don’t. Having a great product and a good sales pitch just won’t cut it any more. You need to take your buyer on a journey of hope. In this course, you’ll learn how to grab attention, win trust and close the sale.

Ultra Branded

Whether you are attending college or making key career or life decisions. These are the questions that will enable you to fulfil a life filled with engagement and enthusiasm derived from living in alignment with values, passions, strengths and skills that fulfil your purpose.

UltraBranded a proven process to help you make great choices at every juncture in your life.

It’s helps you to identify who you are and what makes you stand out and gives you clarity about where you would like to take your career and life. As you gain experience and grow, your skills and interests have evolve and grow with you. It’s time to identify your strengths and areas for development, and to help drive your personal brand plan. 


Welcome to hyper growth strategy. The path to growth is not a straight line. Delve into the stages of growth that a business goes through and the corresponding challenges during each stage. A growing business represents its own unique challenges that many people often don’t think about. 

Many small businesses dream of growth – increased sales turnover, increased customers etc., but unless the company is geared to handle that growth – the company may find the whole operation could be at risk because they simply ‘can’t handle’ it.

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