The World's First Story-Driven Go-to-Market Bootcamp, That Positions Your Brand As The Expert In Your Industry, Makes Selling Effortless And Renders Your Competition Obsolete 

Rocket is a complete startup marketing blueprint based on $10M+ of sales growth, 20+ years of experience in revenue generation, and story driven marketing tested across 20 countries. It’s a bootcamp that provides you with an A-Z approach of building a successful business, while scaling it to the moon and back. It’s also packed with information containing topics nobody ever really talks about, like deep buyer psychology, story-selling and  influencer leverage.

Become sought after by high profile VCs and big name customers alike. Grow your brand, business and empire from the ground up…

 … even if you’re just starting out in your business journey, have zero connections and have no idea how to use story-driven marketing to grow your business and brand!


Rocket gives you the tools to uncover the inherent value in your Go-To-Market story and sell from it. It’s an immersive ongoing coaching experience that gives you the tools, techniques and confidence to:

>> articulate your brand value proposition and go-to-market story

>> share your story with the world with and win profitable customers

>> Attract highly aligned investors into your business

and make a global impact all through the power of story


The Rocket Intensive Bootcamp 

When you’re ready to get your story straight and attract investors and customers like a magnet, then Rocket Intensive is the right place. 

This intensive boot-camp is designed specifically for the early stage entrepreneur focused on building a story driven go to market strategy 

Contrary to other marketing programs that teach you how to lead generate with generic copy & paste messages and robotic methods to ‘get the sale’, this boot-camp is made for the entrepreneur who wants to win with a story-led and purpose-built business.  

Use the power of story to leverage your brand identity and positioning 

Hone in to your customer’s mindsets, create sales pitches based on how your story fits into your customer’s journey and fully satisfy their needs and expectations. 

The Rocket Intensive is immersive and interactive with so much coachable content and a community ready to cheer you on. 

Welcome to the Rocket.

Here's Everything You Can Expect As A Member Of

The Rocket

Phase 1:  CREATE –  I Show You Exactly How To Get Your Go-To-Market Story Straight
  • Define the right gameplan that will set you up for success. Get your foundation right when it comes to branding, marketing and sales. Lay the groundwork in your business. I want you to know exactly what to do with your marketing and how you should use your story to generate new customers win solid investors and attract aligned employees.  
  • Use our proven STORIFY system to to quickly outline the growth strategy for your business. This stops you from overthinking and gives you an example to get you started. 
Phase 2: AUTHENTICATE – Learn How To Properly Validate Your Go-To-Market Strategy And Avoid Dangerous Blind Spots
  • Never worry About The Effectiveness Of Your Messaging And Communications. I’ll take the guesswork out of this by giving you a proven formula to validate assumptions so you’ll be right on target with customers, investors and employees alike. 
  • Each week I’ll have a live class with you, going through each topic, using the STORIFY board, so you can see how a go to market story is put together, start to finish. The goal isn’t to mimic or copy me, but rather to see how to take your ideas and business to the next level level in the fastest possible way. 
Phase 3: LEVERAGE – I Show You How To Tap Into The Power of Leverage And Scale Your Business To The Moon And Back. 
  • Learn how to grow your business by respecting and utilizing the algorithms of the different social media platforms
  • Get your brand in front of the right people – partners, associates and influencers.
  • Streamline and automate your marketing processes so you can scale your business with maximum impact

Phase 4: MONETIZE – I give you the monetization strategies and tools. 

  • We’re talking about the end game here. During this phase, it’s all about monetization and reaping the rewards of your hard work so far. You’ll learn how to reset and relaunch your brand and skyrocket your sales.
  • I’ll show you how to avoid the common pitfalls. You’ll learn how to deftly avoid pricing issues, handling objections from difficult customers and how to sail through the sales process
  • Get My Elite Level Coaching. Have a question, need someone to look over your growth and messaging strategies? Need help crafting an offer? Conversions need to increase? Get personal coaching from me through my RICH (Rocket Intensive Coaching Hour) sessions.

Facilitated by Indhran, as seen on:

Hey, it’s Indhran here!

And right here, right now, I’m going to show you how strategic storytelling is done. 

How can I be so sure you ask?  Here is my story,  

In September 2008, I suddenly lost my job in Australia because of a cruel twist of fate during the Global Financial Crisis. Months later, after over 100 rejections, , I  was in an endless cycle of final reminders. I couldn’t pay for a cup of coffee, let alone the minimum balance of my maxed out credit cards. 

 Just 100 days earlier, I was a high flying banker at HSBC, one of the worlds more respected financial institutions.

Now, I was in severe debt. My cards were all maxed out. I had almost nothing. No job, no prospects. I was on a one way ticket to bankruptcy.

I felt like a complete utter failure and the economic situation was only getting worse with no job prospects.

Long story short, one day I discovered the power of storytelling for business and it changed my world for ever. 

Well, I’ve used the power of storytelling to earn over USD 10,000,000 for me and my clients to date. and I Owe Every Cent Of That to the power of story

This course is my life’s work. It combines everything I’ve done to help students, clients and employers over the past 20 years to build their brands and businesses using sales and marketing. 

You get to benefit and go through this intensive bootcamp and have those same “lightbulbs” go off for you. And have absolute clarity on what you need to do to grow your brand and your business to live an ambitious life. 

Thanks to the power of story I attracted some absolutely out of this world opportunities and successes including:

>> monetizing my business from the ground up,

>> growing a multiple seven-figure business in 24 months,

>> being invited to speak on TV, Radio and being featured in leading newspapers international websites 

>> invited to speak on over 50 stages all around the world,

>> working with FORTUNE 1000 brands as their go to market strategist,

>> running workshops for Google, WeWork Labs and more


I’ll also add all of these opportunities came to me organically ie no financial cost to me. 

There has never been a better time to grow your business with story

It's All About Your Go-To-Market Story

You’ve probably heard about the growth storytelling successes of Richard Branson, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos and you’re thinking, “how do I take advantage of this?”.  Perhaps you have even tried to tell a growth story but without much “return on investment”, so to speak. You want to know how to move the needle.

Well, the core reasons growth storytelling is not working for you is because: 

>> Your go-to-market strategy isn’t clear 

>> You’re not really clear on what you’re selling 

>> You are focusing on the wrong aspects of marketing 

It’s time for you to stand out, share your message and shape your personal brand on story to draw in those aligned opportunities for your startup

Week 1: The Fastest Way To Build Your Brand and Business

In this first module, I will teach you about the core brand story structures and go- to-market strategies, which can be applied to all types of entrepreneurial ventures. You could name this part the heart of the Rocket Intensive strategy.

Week 2: What it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur 

This week, you’ll discover that it all starts with the right attitude. Discover the rules of your inner game. Learn how to develop the right mindset and more importantly, the right heartset of a successful  entrepreneur. This is a breakthrough week – we face fears, insecurities and all of the excuses you’ve been making up for yourself!

Week 3: Billionaire Productivity Hacks

In this module, you’ll learn effective habits of uber-successful salespeople and billionaires. Discover the tools and strategies that billionaires use to set goals and achieve them. How to take control of your day and 10x your productivity

Discover how to face your fears and doubts and take massive action in the face of crisis. You’ll also learn about resilience and grit and how to face your fear fears and doubts. 

Week 4: Get Your Marketing Foundation Right

In this module, I’ll show you how to ‘fish where the fish are’ Most entrepreneurs start with a great idea, product or service. I say it’s better to develop your foundation with the kind of problems you want to solve. Or better still, the kind of markets you want to be in. I will explore important considerations that go into selecting markets and generate deep insights into the lives of your potential buyers. 

Week 5: Begin Crafting Your Go-To-Market Story

This week, you start to develop the pillars of your go-to-market story, based on what you learnt in Module 4. You will dig into the buyer’s identity and image stories, which is crucial for successful marketing. I’ll show you how to avoid painting yourself into a corner with a low-price G0-To-Market strategy that could come back to bite you when you want or need to raise prices. Not to mention the potential for brutal, no-win pricing wars with competitors.

Week 6: Take a Deep Dive Into The World of Your Ideal Customer 

We’re halfway into the the bootcamp. This week we do a deep dive into your ideal customer profile. Crystallize problems and opportunities for buyers and their stakeholders. You will build your strategy on the 7 dimensions of your ideal customer profile. Plus you’ll learn where you can easily find and connect with your ideal buyer in the fastest possible way. 

Week 7: Creating Effective Outcomes For Your Buyer

This week, you’ll go deep in the value proposition development, and explore creating effective buyer outcomes. You’ll learn how to create engaging market launch content. Create relevant, thought provoking content.

Week 8: Learn all about Content Creation Strategies 

This week,  I will share all of my content creation strategies with you. From the on-the-go documentation insights right through to how I launch strategies for startups and Fortune 1000 companies. This week we focus on a 7-day kickoff challenge and daily content creation. At this point it’s not about getting super strategic but more about getting you on the bike and pedalling.

Week 9: Aligning Your Social Media Profiles With Your Brand

You’ve probably heard about social media right over and over again. But think of it this way. This is your landing page, the first impression your clients will have of your business. 

Week 10: Getting Your Message To the Right Audience 

Find and speak to prospects with the highest chance of closing

 as a quick and easy way to learn more about developing true thought leadership within your industry and target market.

How to connect successfully with virtual strangers on LinkedIn. 

How to use other types social media to pique curiosity, spark suspense and leave them wanting more

Week 11: Learn How to Get on The Good Side Of Your Buyer

You don’t get a second chance to make a great first impression. Here I’ll show you how to create strong emotional impact and convey intriguing thoughts with your message. I will show you how to utilize StorySelling to swiftly establish rapport and gain trust.

Learn how to send persuasive ‘door opening’ emails. I’ll share ‘power words’ you can use to get past gatekeepers and secure a meeting

You’ll also learn how to get the buyer to ‘know like and trust’ you within minutes of connecting 

Week 12: Monetize Your Story and Close The Sale

Now that you’ve flexed your growth muscles, in this final module, we’ll talk about advanced growth hacks I’ve used to double triple and 10x sales of my students both offline and online. 

Master non verbal confidence building techniques.

We’ll talk about Objection Handling. Negotiating, Closing the sale 


Join Rocket Intensive and receive:

  • a core module released to you every week to up-level your sales and marketing game. There is over 6-months worth of content and growing! They come with workbooks and downloadable resources to ensure you implement the learnings as you progress.
  • an exclusive invitation to live monthly training and Q & A sessions so you can ask me any question about the module you are completing or any other question you have about story and your business.
  • Replays of these sessions will be made available should you miss the live session.

>> a private community of other growth storytellers where we will communicate regularly through Slack, including interactive coaching threads to learn and support each other. 

An immersive ongoing online coaching experience that gives you all the confidence to:

>> shape your personal brand,

>> share your message,

>> sell to your soul-aligned clients, 

and make an impact all through the power of Story

Rocket Intensive is for the..

  • Early stage entrepreneur, side hustler, content creator, online coach, and service based business owner excited to step up using the power of storytelling
  • You are seeking clarity on your personal brand and how to use it’s full power & potential with story
  • You’re ready to monetise and make some serious strides in your earnings and growing your business.
  • You’re unclear how to tell your brand story and you know it’s different to regular marketing
  • You suffer from “don’t know where to focus” syndrome and you’re seeking a marketing and branding community to lean on.
  • You’re a new entrepreneur curious and ready to fast-track your learning about how marketing can be accelerated through the power of story.
  • You’re afraid to start selling to your even though you know your customers are ready to hear your offer.

If you’ve mentally ticked any one of the above statements, then I would love to have you in Rocket Intensive!


  • show up unapologetically,
  • craft a strong personal brand online,
  • start attracting sales with ease, and
  • ready to take on the world by storm, then

Growth Storytelling is THE greenfield opportunity you cannot miss out on. The time is now!


  • you’re expecting a quick fix,
  • want instant results and sales,
  • don’t like supporting others and lifting them up, and
  • not prepared to put in the work, try new things and show up online.

>> 16x video trainings with workbooks and downloadable resources to ensure you implement the learnings into your business. 


>> Monthly live Q&A sessions where you can ask me anything (replays available).


>> Be part of a community of other Growth Storytellers We have a dedicated Slack channel where we all communicate and support each other.


>> Monthly coaching threads and challenges to participate in.  


>> Lifetime Access to the Story Institute where all existing and future content will be housed for you.


Will I have access to the Rocket Intensive course content as soon as I sign up the program?

You will receive a starter pack. A core module is released every week. This is to give you plenty of time and absorb the content and then implement into your business.

When will you run this as a live group coaching program again?

Rocket is a “live” program. I do regular (at least monthly) live Q & As, exclusively for members of Rocket Intensive. There is also coaching threads to get involved, exclusive growth storytelling training, it’s all happening inside!

Do I need to have started a side hustle or business to benefit from this course?

This bootcamp is designed for business owners or future business owners. This means all the content is focused on growing your personal brand in order to attract clients to your paid service or product through the power of story.

Does it matter what sort of industry I’m in or the type startup I have?

My experience is with s B2B, B2C and B2G businesses rather than physical goods. 

How much training and implementation is there week by week?

The core modules are designed to be completed over 2 weeks. I recommend you invest at least 2 -3 hours per week implementing.

The homework is completely self paced so you can jump into it whenever you choose however I do encourage you to complete it within two weeks so that you are ready for the next module and get that all important momentum.

Can you guarantee my results?

I pledge to fully show up as your storytelling coach when creating and delivering this course however results will vary with each individual and how much time and investment in energy and focus you choose to put in – therefore there is no guarantee.

If you’re here to show up and boldly commit to being a Growth Storyteller plant all the seeds required to grow a thriving name for yourself. With this energy comes massive results.

If you have more questions, please reach out to my team via