What No One Ever Tells You About Your Buyer

Today, I’m going to show you what drives your buyers from the inside. How to make sense their seemingly irrational behavior and more importantly how you can profit from it. 

When I studied Marketing at University years ago twenty years ago, one of the first things my Professor taught me was this thing called the black box theory,

How I understood it was that whatever you tell the customer, all that information goes into a black box in their head to be processed. All the actions performed by the customer are the result of decisions made in that black box. So where a customer decides to buy or not, is dependent on what goes on that black box. We knew how important it was but marketers at that time only had a handful of theories on how it works and how to influence it.

Today, neuroscience and behavioral psychology has shed much more light on this black box in our heads. Specifically how to influence the data processing. The latest research neuroscience proves that that A lot of our decision making inside that black box is coming from a primitive part of our brains that neuroscience refers to as the reptilian and limbic brain systems. I call it the StoryBrain because it responds best to emotional storytelling unlike the other parts of our brains, like the neo cortex for example which responds well to logic.

Humans are hardwired for story. Not because we just because love our stories but because we need them. Stories give us meaning and help us makes sense of the world around us.

 So what is the best way to think about stories and how we makes sense of the people, places and events around us.  

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